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Great East Japan Earthquake March.11.2011

Great East Japan Earthquake


It has been eight years since the Great East Japan Earthquake occured.


It happened on March 11, 2011.Sadness in Japan, suffering, anxiety and led to the Tohoku earthquake.


On that day, I was training at a gym in Ooita. There was no effect of the earthquake in my area .


I didn’t think the damage was that bad.

But when I watched TV I was so shocked that

over fifteen thousand people died.



The Tohoku region is still recovering from the tsunami even now.


I feel that we should not forget the disaster.


At the same time ,I want the world to know about this.


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Ipray for them

東日本大震災から8年…Yahoo! JAPANが「3.11と検索すると10円寄付」できるチャリティー企画を今年も行っています



My football  academy

Thank you for coming my football academy  in Sydney today .People around me all have smilely faces.


Children’s futures are  made from my present actions.I wanna try my best that I can do right now .


Football connects people.




〜Special day for everyone 〜